Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somedays, you just can't win.

So today I was digging into an annoying XML error at a site when a tech IMed me and requested I look at an issue they were having. Got the site number and dialed into to the sites back room system to poke around.

Ten seconds after I started looking, the site reboots the backroom system, kicking me out. I mentioned to the Tech Via IM that the store just rebooted the backroom system, and they said, and I quote "Yah, I did that."


"Well, its locked up, and I need to fix that eventually."

"So, you asked me to dial in and look at a problem, and then you reboot the system while I'm trying to fix it?"

"Well... I guess."


Somedays, you just can't win.

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Rose H said...

This is about as intelligent as what happened here yesterday.

"The system is slow, get someone to look at it."


"The staff responsible for looking at it are doing a 'knowledge transfer' to the next support team and can't look at it."

*national system crashes*

"Can they look at it now?"