Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aftermath - Election 2008

Well, I'm disappointed. My candidate (chosen as the least of all sorts of wevils (thank you Master and Commander)) did not win in his bid for the presidency. There are all sorts of reasons why this may have been so.

But I think my co-worker (who voted for Obama) sums it up well.

As I came in this morning:

Me: "Congratulations on your candidate winning the election."

Tr: "He's not my candidate. At least, I wouldn't refer to him that way."

Me: "You voted for him."

Tr: "I see it as a vote against Bush, McCain and Palin."

Sad. But that was the conversation. Prior to coming to work tonight/morning I hung out at a friends for a bit and sorta watched the election coverage. The occupants were:

P, B, T, J and myself. T's wife showed up after a while too. I got there about 9:30 I suppose, and J was already drunk. He's the one person in the group I'm sure voted for Obama. And he was TANKED. What a loud drunk. Nice guy - but for a self proclaimed libertarian, he's oftly liberal. Especially drunk. We had an interesting conversation about taxes when I drove him home on my way to work.

God help us if this is how the majority of Americans think.

B and T are solidy on my side of the fence, and amusingly we've all bought firearms in the last month. (As a stop gap against possible future firearm legislation.) I need a rifle to augment my handgun purchase. We all were past/current firearms owners, but my rifle selection is only a pair of .22s. I'd like to add a solid semi-automatic rifle to that list. B picked up an NRA Mini-14. T's got his Mosen Nagant, and a Remington Pump action 10 gauge, along with his Springfield Armoury XD 45.

I've got a Springfield Armoury 'Tactical' (Five inch barrel) XD.45, a old bolt action .22 and an even older pump action .22 with tube feed. I'd love to add something like an M1A Carbine to the mix, but they're typically out of my current price range.

Christmas list? That includes new mags for the XD and maybe some money towards a new rifle. Who knows, maybe I'll find a good deal in the next couple months.

Anyway, back to the election. Govenor Hoven was re-elected. And while he is the incumbant Republican, I don't really like him. ND doesn't have term limits on Gubernatorial candidates, and Hoven is up for this third term, with no signs of stopping next run either. I'm a staunch Term limits supporter, I want them in place and enforced at all levels of executive and legislative branches. The founders of this country intended that the job would be so annoying and un-rewarding that no one would want to do it for a long period of time.

This, is not the system we have today. But it could become that system again.

Earl Pomeroy was re-elected to the House... again. For a generally solid red state, we really like our Democrats out in Washington. Our current rep and senators have been in office as long as I can remember.

Yet, another reason why I'd love to see some term limits in place.

There was a tax initiative on the ballot to cut income taxes in ND by 50 percent across the board, and Corp taxes by 15%. I voted for it. ND has a 1 billion dollar surplus. There are just over half a million people in my state. Thats a LOT of money for the state to be sitting on, so maybe we don't need to be paying them quite as much eh? Apparently, most North Dakotans either aren't paying attention, or like paying taxes. I'm not sure which.

It failed, 70 to 30.


Well, the world will keep turning, and despite it all, the country will still be here in the morning. But its going to be an interesting few years.

The Chinese have something to say about living in interesting times. Personally, I'd vote for boring and mundane.

But we're not going to get that.

Just my two cents.


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