Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been there, done that - left a tshirt behind.

-Free Forwarning, This Posting Rambles a *LOT* and in a lot of rather divergent directions without tying much together.-

I've been all over this country. That said, I haven't been everywhere yet - but I am working on it. I've driven up and down the east coast, skiied in the Rockies of three different states, wandered through most of the Midwest (spend 2 months in Chicago this year for work... I'm still trying to get the smell of that city out of my clothes ;)) and flown over most of the rest of the lower forty eight at one time or another.

I love this country. Only in the US can you go a thousand miles, still be in the same country - but as Gothelittle Rose from The Determined Homemaker once put it to me - appear to be on a completely different planet.

I've been living in North Dakota as my permanent residence all my life. And more then likely, I'll die and be buried here too. With luck along the way I'll get married, raise a couple of rugrats and have more of a fine old life.

These days, I call Fargo home, and while you might snicker and go "Hey, have you seen the movie." I will tiredly answer yes, no it was not filmed here, and no - I didn't particularly like it. (It was filmed primarily in Bimidji Minnesota, btw). Fargo is the centerpiece of a three city metroplex of a massive hundred and fifty thousand people, give or take. (Feel free to laugh now)

It is as big a city as I ever want to live in. If it wasn't for absolutely horrible broadband penitration, and my current job, I'd likely seriously consider building a house back out on the farm, and taking up residence there. I've been to New York, Los Angeles, close enough to throw a rock and hit Philly, Buffalo, Chicago, and a few other places along the way... and they're just bigger then I like. More importantly, the cost of living in North Dakota is dirt cheap in comparison.

The only down side is I live smack dab in the middle of the biggest fount of Liberalism in the state (outside of the Reservations). But you do what you must.

Like my brother, if I wasn't going to live in ND, I'd probably move closer to mountains. I try to go skiing every year, my parents introduced me at a very young age, and I've been hooked ever since. Love it - and you can't ski worth a damn in North Dakota. My personal favorite skiing location is Jackson Hole. Beautiful country out there in Wyoming. Living expenses in JH are a little bit on the astronomical side though.

Of course, one never knows where life might take them. And I've got a lot of that yet in front of me, if the law of averages holds up. Lord knows this isn't where I expected to be ten years ago. I'm still without a college degree - and while I make very good money, this wasn't quite what I'd envisioned doing either.

But I am good at it, and it keeps paying the bills and in another year or two I might even buy a house. That, aught to be an adventure. Another page for the book that makes up my life. Another place I've been where I've left a bit of me behind.

I don't know that I've ever been truely happy with my life. But I don't hate it, and I rate better then content. And as I've said there's a lot yet to come.

Might as well get back too it. See you another night, gentle readers.


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