Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dropping Fuel Prices, and other rambles.

So I filled my pick-up's fuel tank this evening, one of those things that, living just over eight miles from work (which, may not sound very far to you folks who live in a 'real city') is guarenteed to happen at least twice a month. And, like most frequent drivers and commuters, I've been smiling as I watched the gas price continue to fall. Its down to $1.89 locally and is almost a dollar cheaper then when I fueled up two weeks ago... and a solid two dollars cheaper then the time before that.

Now I've poked around and seen a lot of varied reasons for the fuel price drop, and I'm of the stout opinion that it can be tied to the falling price of oil, which has been caused by a sharp surplus of crude in the American 'pipeline.' It took longer then I expected, but the surplus of local crude waiting to be refined into gasoline, along with the fewer miles being driven on average by the American people finally kicked the laws of supply and demand into action... and the price came down.

Now, I predict that within two months of Obama taking office, if fuel prices remain in the low 2 dollar range (or below) on average in this country, the new president - who once touted high fuel prices as good for America - will take credit for the new lower prices.

Never mind he had not a damned thing to do with it. And, if as some folks believe, he re-instates the ban on offshore drilling, either by executive fiat/order or by signing a bill sent up by Pelosi and her bunch of crooks - we'll see prices gradually creep back up, as initiatives that might have been started to get more drilling into the gulf stall, and our current surplus of crude slowly goes away. Our neighbors in the Persian Gulf aren't stupid. They know if they cut production they can slowly drive up the cost of a barrel of oil, and we'll pay it - because we refuse to exploit our own resources.

But, perhaps cooler heads will prevail, and such will not come to pass.

I'm not holding my breath.

For now, I'm just glad I was *right* and gas prices could drop below a 2 dollar mark again. There were plenty of folks around here that said "Well its just adjusting itself to match what it needs to be"

Glad my call of BS on that, way back when, was right.

Onto other things.

I started a Shadowrun Campaign with B and T last weekend. The first run went off pretty well, considering it had been a good long time since I'd GMed anything, and I ran most of it off the cuff. I gave them a 'train job' to aquire a rather large package from a train before it reached its destination. I stole the idea from Firefly, almost part and parcel. The only difference was the contents of the package, which was 'human' (a SURGE III survivor, which in SR terms basically means Beastperson (in this case, cat-girl). I presented them with a moral quandry. Finish the job and drop off the package... or free the girl from slavery.

I'm pleased that they picked the latter option - and to be honest I wasn't sure. I was offering them a lot of ching to finish the job, and they'd done it as cleanly as could have been hoped. It should have been a sweet payday.

Instead, they took the moral high road, freed the girl, and now have to figure out what to do with her. It should be a lot of fun.

I'm looking forward to our next game.

Anyway, I think thats all thats on my mind today - best get back to work.


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Sean said...

Finally got semi-intelligent enough to read some of my own page and realized you were following me - thanks for the compliment on my writing and I'm enjoying catching up on yours as well sir.