Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, its about 12:15 am local time on the 27th which means its officially Turkey Day. Occasionally known as Thanksgiving in the ole US of A. (Even better, I'm getting paid time and a half as I write this.)

I don't have a whole lot to say tonight, the last week's been kinda busy, and I've been less then 100% being rather under the weather with some sort of stomache bug/cold hybrid that may, or may not have been a light case of the flu. I'm still not feeling great.

But, after I get off work this morning its off to Bismarck to have Thanksgiving dinner with Mom, eat too much and then sleep good and hard - because I'll have been up too late again ;)

My mother found an indoor pistol range in Bismarck (I may need to visit home more often then I currently do...) so Friday will be a Range Day, and I guess my mother wants to come along for the ride and do some shooting. This doesn't really surprise me, my mother grew up on a farm - and routinely during my formative years would break out knowledge of skills I just didn't think a girl was supposed to have. I distinctly recall the first time I saw my mom drive a 4 speed dual axle truck, and was quite impressed at the time ;)

That said, its been a good long time since mom has laid hands on a firearm, so it'll be a good time to practice going through the four rules - and since all I've got to offer is a .45, I'll do some shooting first so she can get a visual and auditory picture of what to expect, and then go from there.

I'm sure she'll do just fine. But it should be interesting. Expect a report later in the weekend ;)

I added a list of all the blogs I've been following to my Blog here, first so people can look and see that yes, I am reading - and to simplify things for me. Now I can just hotlink to my blog and hop through the links to the posts... instead of going through the sometimes less then great dashboard - all of them have something interesting and or pithy to say, so take a look.

Which reminds me. There's an ABSOLUTELY great post on "A Perspective From History" on why the Second Amendment is so damned important. Not that most folks that read the blogs I tend towards aren't already aware of it - it is a well thought out and enjoyable read. Go take a look. Theres even a handy dandy link there on the left hand side ;)

Anyway, thats my two cents for the day.

Back to work.


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