Friday, November 14, 2008

Want to spread conservatism? Educate.

Well, after yesterdays foray of oddness, I appologize by the way, occasionally I just feel like venting, and on occasion - I just let things go where they may. It happens.

Back to today. I've been bouncing around the Blogosphere lately, and while admittedly my bouncing has been primarily to gun blogs, I've been picking up the scent of something that disturbs me.

More and more in comments I'm seeing people state "The Republicans Lost because they refused to go to the center."

First off, I'm not going to make this blog into a political blog, or at least, I'm going to try not to. This is my personal space to speak my mind on the day. But this needs to be addressed. First a piece of disclaimer. I am not a Republican, but I am, what Republicans often claim to be. A Conservative.

I supported George W. Bush and I still support his past eight years. I do not agree with the way he expanded government, and to some extent spending. (Being staunchly against Big Government). But I was for his tax cut, I was with him when he went to war, and I'm still there. Yes - there have been mistakes, but never is such a decision perfect. I don't believe he lied to the American people, I believe he did what he felt must be done.

And, as some people like to point out, no one's tried to do anything similar, since. Yes, our troops are out there, and have died to protect our way of life, and in a way this is tragic. But it *is* what we pay them to do, and the vast majority is proud to do it.

Now. McCain lost for three *very* important reasons. One, in the Main Stream Media Barrak Obama can do no wrong. Look, I don't give a damn what Barrak's skin color is, if he was the most conservative candidate and supported things I support, I'd have voted for him. I vote issues, as much as I can.

Two, McCain refused to firmly address issues in Obama's past, the idiocy of the Bailout, and to strongly present an arguement as to why he was different, and better then now President Elect Obama.

Three, McCain does not fit with the Conservative base of this country. He's at best a centerist, and at worst a moderate liberal. I respect him for his military service, but I strongly disagree with many of his stances in the past five years. That said, this election ended up boiling down to the devil you know, or the devil you don't. I picked the devil we know.

The people of this country, disagreed with me. Thats the beauty of this country - we get to do that.

Everyone likes to talk about Regan. There's a good reason for that. Regan was elected because he *taught* conservatism. He didn't hitch his post to soaring retoric, or his background as a maverick - he went out and reminded people of historical significance, *while* explaining the basis for the programs he wished to enact.

*THIS* is insanely important. When you talk to your average person, they don't like politicians in general. They all lie cheat and steal. But if you educate them on what policys are actually at stake, and what they will mean for them, put the paper in front of them and explain what it means, most people tend towards conservative, at least fiscally. And often times - as we see in California - Socially to.

And now I've opened the biggest nest of vipers on the net. Because I referenced Prop 8. Your far left opponents will go off on how this is horrible, and a destruction of a people's civil liberties. Your moderates will do the same. I'm gonna shock everyone by agreeing with you - if Prop 8 banned civil unions. I haven't looked it up (but I will) but as I understand it what Prop 8 did was define a Marriage as between a man and a woman. While I feel this is far deeper into this then the Government should go - a civil union grants the persons who hold it the exact same rights and privlages as a 'Marriage' in the Governments eyes, because a Marriage is a fancy word used by religions, and the government while it may call it a marriage, considers it a civil union.

Guess what? That is 'equal'. Thats really as far as it needs to go, unless you want to quibble about language. Gothelittle Rose could go far deeper into it from a deeply Christian perspective. I'll leave that to her. She's much better at it then I am, and I want to get back on topic.

So, dispite the fact that most of the Main Stream pundits have stated over and over that the way to win an election is head to the center - we have irrefutable proof that the way to win an election is to speak to the voter, and educate him on what you believe, and what you intend to do.

Every time the Conservatives have done this, they've won, and often times, they win big.

Now here's the catch. You have to back up what you promise to do. Don't do that, and that voter who believes in what you say, and even agrees with your ideas will kick you out. They'll say its to punish you - when in reality they're often punishing themselves - after all, if your in Congress, and you get kicked out you're still getting paid a decent little piece of change - for life. Not amazing amounts, but definately comfortable. Especially if you get another job.

McCain lost for the reasons I stated above, and one last important piece of information. People forgot who was really in Power.

We had a Congress who's approval rating hit 9% or below. NINE PERCENT. Thats... unimaginable. The Democrats held control of Congress. It stands to reason that it should have swung back to the Republicans if what I've stated above is true. But it didn't, and here's a clear answer as to why. The Democrats in power got quiet, and indeed acted outwardly as if they were not *in* power in the House and Senate, while throwing more limelight on the oft hated, and much Maligned George Bush - who wasn't going to be in Power anymore one way or the next. But people remebered that he is a Republican, and Obama's message for 'Change' resonated.

It really was a beautifully acomplished piece of work by the Democrats. Exacerbated by the fact that the Republicans failed to educate people on matters. They didn't stand up, and explain what was wrong, and why. Those who did, were lost in the shuffle.

It all comes back to this. You want to win? Educate. Make people think. Liberals like to make people *feel*, and they're very, very good at it. You want to bring back conservatism as an option? Teach. Teach. Teach.

It is the only way. And thats my two cents.


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Gothelittle Rose said...

You probably don't want me to explain civil unions anymore. :) I used to be fairly well in favor of them as a good compromise in recognizing the difference between religious freedom and traditional society.

After seeing them used as a crowbar by forces wishing to destroy traditional marriage altogether, and after a pair of laws forced on the people despite a majority decision, I grew cynical and probably a bit bitter on the subject. Did you realize that though several places have decided to permit civil unions through law, not one state has every passed 'gay marriage' by anything but a bare-majority judicial imposition?

Anyways... Yeah, I like Bush's tax cuts too! They saved our house! :) Right on the edge, about to start missing payments, looking in fear at the possibility of being dumped out of our house and trying to move into some inner-city apartment with an infant... and Bush's tax cut and child credit happened at just the right time for us to make the payment. I also disagree with his big government moves and I strongly believe that everything he did wrong was done to appease the Democratic liberals.