Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter's Bite

So winter is still not sure its arrived here on the northern plains. Its gotten plenty cold (for early winter anyway) with highs seldom gracing 32 degrees Farenheight... but the two spurts of snow we've had haven't stuck around.

While most might be relieved, I'm offended. I like the cold of winter, and the snow it brings. I don't make use of it outside of the mountains once a year, but I like it. I could do without ice, but if it brings snow, I'll suffer through. I'm not really sure what it is about Winter that I like so much. I know I like it cooler then most folks, but sub-zero temps aren't fun for anyone, no matter what the macho part of my psyche might say.

It probably really is the snow. The crisp white covering everything in an even cool cover, changing the landscape and dulling sounds. I always hate having to track new fallen snow because it always looks so peaceful and quiet. (well except when skiing. Then its a rare privledge)

But track it we do, and throw it, push it and generally try to get it out of the way so the world can keep on moving at the pace it prefers these days. On a normal year, Fargo has to haul it out in trucks from the roads because there's just no space for the snow to build up on the sidewalks.

The downside is its a lot less fun to get out to the range when its below zero before the windchill, and the wind's whipping up to a nice steady fifteen mile an hour blow with a gust to 20 to 25. The wind out here will whip right through you and chill you to the bone.

The other downside is the upcoming holiday season. Since my parents seperated and then divorced, the holidays have become a *lot* less fun, and much more of a stressful balancing act, trying to see everyone and make everyone happy... while often not making *me* happy.

And while selfishness isn't the name of the season, sometimes you need that *me* time just to keep yourself sane. I'm already starting to dread it, and it hasn't even begun.

It's going to be a long road.

See you another night folks.


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