Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Browncoat pop quiz.

Did this off and on with a friend via IM so I figured I'd throw it up here. I only have a couple known browncoats in the reading audience, but you never know when another might pop up.

So, a few quiz questions - feel free to answer in comments if you like. (The following are all taken from the same episode of Firefly - name it for a bonus point at the end) For a properly trivia minded Browncoat, they shouldn't be too hard. :)

1. Finish the quote, "Now we have a boat load of civilians...."

2. What, did Mal advise Zoe to do politely?

3. Finish the quote, "Cry baby cry...."

4. To what was Mal reacting to when he said, "Is that what they call it now?"

5. What was Jayne hoping to get from the Fed?

6. There's a rather ledgendary scene involving Kaylee and a piece of fruit. Name the fruit.

7. "Didn't she shoot you once?" "Everybody's making a fuss." - name the two characters in the exchange, and to whom they're referring.

8. Who provided the fruit mentioned in question six?

9. Name the Alliance Crusier that aborts its attempt to track down Serenity.

10. What is the Fed's full name?

Ok. thats enough questions - tag to any brown coats that feel like their own quizzes.


Sean said...

1 - "right on top of our stolen cargo. That's a fun mix."

2 - shoot them (the passengers).

3 - "make your mother sigh."

4 - ugggh can't remember this one...

5 - an ear.

6 - mmmmm strawberries...

7 - Mal & Wash - referring to Patience, who shot Mal on their last dealings

8 - Shephard Book as part of his passage.

9 - IAV Dortmunder

10 - Laurence Dobson

OK the fact I've watched it twice this week counts as cheating I think...

and it's from what (should have been) episode one & two "Serenity"

Jon said...

Nah. That just means your a proper browncoat ;)

You are correct on all counts. Except 4 - obviously.

I'll give you a hint. It comes shortly after Mal looks inside the cryo box and goes "Huh"

Sean said...

OK - now I got it - Simon's comment on "I need to check her vitals."

Need to watch "The Train Job" this weekend. Enjoying catching up with the episodes on Blueray with the pretty new plasma TV.