Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Christmas Wishlist.

For lack of real content today - because I haven't thought up any - I present my 'wishlist'.

A 1911 Commander model with ambdextrous safety (at least) and if possible mag release. I'm leaning towards Kimber, but I wouldn't complain at a S&W or an honest to god Colt model. .45 of course. I'm leaning towards this as a carry pistol.

A 1911 Government model. What? I like the 1911, doesn't everyone? Same as above in all other respects.

A good solid AR-15 Lower Reciever, with ambdextrous or left handed controls (Yes, I'm left handed.). Why only the lower reciever? Because from there I can do some research and decide what I want to put on the thing :). I'm currently leaning towards a heavy barrel and railed upper. But we'll see.

An M-44 or M38 Mosin, a M1 Carbine, a Springfield M1A (M-14), and an M1 Garand. I'm still poking around for choices on a shotgun as well.

That covers the things that shoot bullets wishlist :).

I need more .45 ACP. Preferably from a few different manufacturers. My XD has a tendancy when I'm doing things right to shoot about one inch low and two inches to the right from about 20 - 25 feet with Remmington UMC FMJs. (I think its Remmington :P). Since I'm left handed, I might be throwing in a pre-shot flinch, but a trigger jerk should be throwing the bullet to the left - I think.

I'm fully willing to believe its the shooter! But, I don't *think* it is. (I make nice groups in the area described ;))

A good leather holster (lefthanded) for the XD would be awesome. I've seen some good reviews online but I really want to beable to get the feel for the holster before I buy one - and thats been hard since the only Left handed holster that fits my XD that I've found in ALL of Fargo was an Uncle Mikes - which once I took off the really annoying carry strap wasn't *too* bad. But I'm thinking I need to sew a nylon loop in for a belt because the clip provided is absolute crap. Tends to come off my belt one out of five draws.

More Mags!

An an honest to god pistol belt.

Also, the usual gift cards to the usual suspects, Cash, and tools.

(But a guy has gotta have hopes, right?)

Attendum: I'll take one of THESE too. Cause you know, your own Nerf Squad Support Weapon is an important part of Cube survival.


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