Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dreams and Happenstance.

I can always tell once we're well into the Christmas Season. How you ask? Well its simple - I start dreaming about Toys R Us. Back before I was a decently paid cubical warrior of extreme renoun, I was a retail drone making roughly peanuts. I have good storys and bad storys about that job, the primary good was that back then I was *almost* thin because I never got off my feet. (I'm not OMG overweight, but sitting at a desk all day doesn't promote weight loss either)

I miss that sometimes, but definately not around the holidays. Last night I got treated to a dream about trying to run a TRU overnight shift with a bunch of temp drones who had no idea how to face merchandise, throw overstock, or clean up after themselves. I suppose in a way it was a nightmare, but in another way it made me smile, because I don't have to suffer through any of that anymore.

I miss working with some of the people, but I damn sure don't miss the job.

On the topic of things from the past - a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (or about a year ago) I used to be a member of a singles dating site that was just starting up called SoulGeek. As the profile says, I'm a Geek, so it only makes sense to look for love in other geeks right? Anyway I hung out in the chatroom, and did some posting to thier forums, and along the way ended up a moderator. I'm not sure who was crazier, me for taking the gig, of them for asking me to do it. Not that it was hard or anything - at the time thier forum use wasn't particularly heavy.

Anyway, I met a fair number of like minded people there and even added a few to my MSN friends lists. I ended up drifting away from the community like I do a lot of things. I just don't have the time to invest in those places like they deserve.

Anyway, one of those aquaintences dropped me a line last week. I was at work, but I made it a point that next time I saw her online to say hello. Its been an interesting 'hello, rememeber me?' sort of back and forth. I don't know what will come of it - and honestly it doesn't matter. The mild flirting has been fun and if I score another long term friend - cool...

...and if something more comes about well, I wouldn't be adverse to that either. *shrug* I've learned over the years that what will be will be if I just let it. So I guess we'll see.


Its been a fun early Christmas Gift in its own way, one way or the next.


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