Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Musings.

So this morning I had fresh roast beef, potatoes, and carrots for breakfast (keeping in mind my 'morning' starts midway through most peoples evenings, you'll forgive me)

I threw it together before bed around 9 am and got up to a well cooked meal. God I love crock pots. It did however make me think of this:

Arm Roast: Free (Provided by Uncle with too much beef)
Potatoes: 3.53
Carrots: 4.40
Assorted seasonings and crock pot: On hand.

Determining that despite still being a bachelor with rusty and dusty cooking skills - you can still throw together a decent meal without working too hard?: Priceless.

Realizing you still have no one to share it with?: Suck ;)

It wasn't perfect. I added too much water to the crock, so if I had wanted to, I could have turned the whole thing into a giant stew (which would have been good too) - but it was good. And I'll have plenty of food for a couple days.

I'm certainly no Bridget from Home on the Range - but then, who is? *chuckles*

I've been meaning to listen live to the Gun Nuts podcast I keep hearing around the corner of the blogosphere I tend to wander - but alas my work schedule means that about the time I should be tuning in, I'm usually thinking about a shower and waking up. However, I did listen to this week's show after the fact, and you can find a link to it HERE over at the Breda Fallacy. Good stuff - topic was Concealed Carry. Crank your volume when Lawdog starts talking cause really - he's got some interesting things to say.

Maybe next week I'll catch it live. We'll see.

I've still got a couple posts on high sea's piracy and the impending idiocy of the automotive bailout I'd like to put together, but like my pot roast all day yesterday, its still simmering.

Damn. Now I'm getting hungry again.


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