Sunday, December 7, 2008

Working on Broadway - or Guess what I witnessed on my way to work.

Well, theres a lot of things going through my head tonight that I want to excise into a few blog posts (I considered making it one really really BIG post, but decided it was better to split it up.). However, work tonight is new levels of swamped I haven't seen in almost a year. Always nice to be wanted, right?

So some of this will have to wait til I can spare a few more minutes.

But this should be pretty quick.

I work on Broadway - which in addition to holding my office building and a couple of banks, has the longest stretch of Bars in the Greater Fargo/Moorhead area, as far as I'm aware (I don't hang out in bars).

As I was walking to work tonight, I witnessed an altercation. between 5 folks dressed in hunting gear (including orange caution vests!) on the corner just down from Fort Knox (a bar, built in an old bank). I was on the opposite corner just after crossing the street. The biggest of the group yanked one of the smaller guys over, and down to the ground. It appeared the smaller guy was a bit of a beligerant drunk, and they were trying to get him into the car to take him home. (granted, this was a very *rough* way of doing it, but I've had to wrangle drunks before, and sometimes they just *don't* get it.)

However, from the slur in the other mans voice, I'm guessing he wasn't exactly stone sober. I stood on the coner, watching this for a good three minutes, fingering my cell phone the whole time.

Just before I made the decision to contact the police they pulled small guy to his feet and seemed to have a falling in, coming to a decision that didn't involve shouting. So I let it slide. I'm still not sure if I should have.

I knew for damn sure I wasn't walking over there and getting in between them unless it looked like they were honestly hurting each other - and even then, only in last resort. A: Its not my job, and B: I didn't want to complicate the life of the officer who might be called to the scene (or mine!)

I'm likely going to mull this for sometime - if anyone has any thoughts or insight - I'd appreciate it. This sort of thing doesn't happen to me often - but I have a thing about 'being a good citizen' and when such instances do happen, I often wonder where the line of "Being a good citizen and doing once civic duty or whatever" intersects with "Going too far, and getting in the proverbial way."

More on other subjects, later as work time allows :)


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