Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buyer's Remorse?

So, I listened to the Ascention Crowning Coronation Inauguration of Obama today - after the fact. My good friend Mr Limbaugh carried it on his show, and while he offered a little color commentary, for the most part we got to hear it unmarred.

I have to wonder, for all the hype surrounding this blitz of media masturbation about how there we going to be SO many people in town, and how Obama's words were going to be SO historic that people would be carving them in Marble some day - what that crowd in the mall felt (that crowd that was a hell of a lot smaller then all the hoopla would have you believe).

First Obama managed to flub the Oath of Office. How the hell do you do that? Suddenly realize whats expected of you and get cold feet?

After that, it certainly seemed like they were awfully confused at some points of his speech. You could occasionally have heard a pin drop during the speech it was so quiet. I'm sure some one somewhere has penned that a reverent hush fell over the crowd or some such thing. I don't believe reverence was what silenced them.

There was a poem, but honestly I tuned it out. It wasn't much of a poem, and it droned on for a very, very long time.

And the benedition? Are we back in the fiftys people? I'm not going to tear it a part - but... oy.


Word was people were filing out early - so I can only ask - did the crowd suddenly get a taste of buyers remorse? Did they realize what they had let become created?

Time will tell. I wish Obama and his family all the best. But for his proposed policys I have nothing but scorn.

As I've said before - its going to be an interesting four years. And we all know what the Chinese say about interesting.


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