Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, I'm just flabbergasted.

I'm not really surprised, but its pretty painfull anyway. Everyone's favorite Democrats and our 'great' President Mr Messiah Barak Obama have set up a spending bill thats supposed to 'save' us from the recession that spends almost a third of last years entire federal budget.

Of course the truth is that A: What little stimulus is really in the bill isn't going to do a damn thing

And B: Its just full of pork. Oink Oink Oink.

(yes, I realize I'm over a week late on this, but I've been letting it stew for a while, as I thought about it)

From what I understand, if our Republican/Conservative Congressmen can actually win back some seats in 2010 there's a chance they can keep about eighty percent of this spending from happening.

Lets hope. But, for the moment, lets consider something. We've seen the *BIGGEST* spending bill *EVER*.

The total government money borrowed or printed in the last year has been absolutely stunning. And while Obama didn't technically *start* it, he's certainly riding the wave.

And we have four more *YEARS* of this.


Gods. We. Are. Fucked.


If it wasn't for my daily dose of Rush managing to make me *LAUGH* at it, I'd be in the corner crying somewhere.

I think I'm just going to go home and play some Dawn of War II. I wonder if someone could mod the heads of prominent democrats onto the heads of Orcs...

Burn the Heretic, Kill the Mutant, Destroy the Xenos! *racks the slide on his Bolter*


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