Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Rambles on Writing

I've been bouncing around the blogosphere to some of my less read blogs that I really should drop onto my blogroll so they become more read blogs.

But, I'm lazy and don't feel like updating right now. I will eventually get to it.

Specifically I've been reading about writing, from... well other writers. I don't really consider blogging writing, although it is - for me its mostly a stream of conciousness thing, and thusly isn't in the same realm as writing.

I don't spend a lot of time researching posts, or coming up with pithy commentary to news articles. I just write whats on my mind, be it a rant, something cool I found, or just decompressing my skull.

I also do some co-operative writing, which I've talked about before... and when I get the bug, I sit down and write fiction. These things are things that are usually wholely mine, and I've admittedly never finished a one of them. I've gotten close occasionally.

The primary issue with why they never get 'finished' is that sometimes an idea strikes me, and I *have* to write it. So I do, or, I go until the train gets derailed by people talking to me, or the idea is on paper, even if the story it could be is not finished... or whatever. A great example of this was a fanfiction I started for the Dresden files at least 3 or 4 years ago. I was sitting in a Denny's watching a trio of asian youths out way too late on a school night (I seldom go to Denny's before Midnight) hassling their waitress.

I got the idea to turn it into a Harry Dresden oneshot. Just a little stream of conciousness bit... that grew exponetially as I poked at it until finally it was almost the start of a short story. Except... I didn't really have a story.

Just a one off... that had gotten a bit too big for its britches.

Such is the way my brain works. I've been working on a story that takes a ShadowRun campaign of three long years and turns it into something we can look back and read. The fact of the matter is I've been working on it for almost as long as the campaign ran at this point. It will in all likelyhood never be finished. But, I'll keep poking at it when the mood hits.

Its how I do my solo writing. In spurts. Some of them are pretty long, a day or three. Sometimes they last ten minutes. I can't control them when they happen, all I can do is use them. Sometimes the products are pretty good and I'm proud of the product. Such as my unfinished, but actiony Blood and Water bit. Some of it... not so much. I keep everything. I like going back and reading stuff I wrote and seeing where I used to be weak and how my writing is evolving. I've even got some really old stuff, back from my teenage years and first college try... boy some of that is... crap. It was a start. Some people even liked it. But it was crap.

Now... now I'm an ok writer. Its been a long road to get here. I can write decent fan fiction (which, is probably saying something, but not much) I'll likely never write a novel - most of my stuff will be mostly for myself, save my co-op writing - but *I* get a kick out of it, and when I can I enjoy sharing... so I guess thats all that should matter.


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