Thursday, April 9, 2009

Turn Coat - just a quick book reviewlet.

By now, you've all figured out I'm a Butcher fanboy, but I thought I'd comment on Turn Coat, his newest book in the Dresden series. I've loved the Dresden books from word one, mostly for the snarky main character and strong secondary characters. And while Jim has been slowly expanding and interconnecting the story he started with those original three - his narritive paths have not always been as strong as they could be.

Not to say I could write better, but having read each of his books multiple times, I know where the weak points are.

And I can say without question that Turn Coat is by *far* the best book of the series to date, and Butcher has done a great job of starting to really weave his plot into something you can follow and almost predict. (Some people don't like predictable books, but I find that a book that uses a logical, and thusly proper progression has a touch of predictablity to it)

In short, awesome.

I hate waiting a full year for another book