Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gunstore rambles.

Ok. I blame this post on Tam and her quite excellent (as were the comments) rant on gun safety today.

It sorta keyed off something in my head, I'd noticed, and it had been bugged by yesterday. As my previous post pointed out, I'd been wandering gun stores, which is a fun passtime. However, what I didn't mention was Scheeles was busy as all get out. Lots of folks were looking at lots of guns. Mostly shotguns, probably getting ready for various fowl seasons around here.

There were also a lot of kids with their dads picking out what sounded like their first shotguns. *Very Cool*

However, there was a lot of piss poor muzzle discipline going on. My father taught me a very long time ago to avoid at all costs sweeping someone with a muzzzle. If you aren't willing to put holes in it, don't point the dang gun that way. More then once I had to kindly push a muzzle away from my person, or back up, too keep from being swept.

Now, admittedly, when you're handling a rifle or a shotgun at a gun store, you want to feel the fit of the weapon, and I understand this - I do it too. (Its also the one time I break the 'don't point it at god' rule one of Tam's commenters mention' - because a vertical sweep of a back wall, followed by a fit check and quick peep through the sights at the ceiling is about the safest way to get a feel for that new purchase..

But I go out of my way to avoid a barrel sweep, and I sure do wish more people would. I know the firearms at a gun store are *supposed* to be unloaded.

But supposed to be isn't the same as ARE.

Just my two cents.


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Brigid said...

Good points. I shoot at non public indoor ranges or private outdoor ranges for the sole reason of NOT getting someone waving their muzzle around. I had someone shoot the floor near me one time, trying to teach junior how to shoot when Senior had no clue and it was enough for me.

I've shot the floor way down range once when tired, but never up close and personal.