Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rambles from the Road

So I'm hanging out in Mordor in one of the Client's Labs. I spent a good chunk of last night supervising a store install just down the street a piece and that went relatively well, but I had a little trouble winding down, and after that when I woke up to head into the office today, if felt like I had a five alarm hangover. Probably lack of caffiene, but really - if I'm going to suffer like this, I'd rather have *earned* it.

Been a decent week overall. Got a good amount of work done so far, learned a few things, and almost got a ream or two of paperwork for my painfully dense expense reporting proceedures done.

Next week I should be home in Fargo, but instead I'm heading down to Louisiana to supervise another store install of the alpha software test we're in the middle of. Small town in the deep south not too far from the Gulf... Should be interesting. Its too bad I won't have time to poke around a little more, since I haven't been south of the Mason Dixon in at least five years - but work is work - and last minute travel is *fraggin* expensive.

At least its not my money.

So I fly home Friday, have three days to rotate, and fly out again on Tuesday tenative return date of late Thursday, if all goes well.

Somewhere in the next two or three weeks I gotta find some time to burn through a chunk of the ammunition I've been collecting. Found another fairly priced 250 brick of .45 recently so I've got a nice buffer. Couple hundred rounds down range sounds like excellent therapy right now.

Speaking of firearms, last night I was flipping channels at the hotel, since I don't have a TV input a home (I stream TV I want to watch from my PC, but not very much of it) and ran across TMZ. For those of you who aren't familar, TMZ is a short 30 minute celebrity news segment. Not exactly my cup of tea, but they were talking about Buris's 2 year conviction for carrying a firearm into a nightclub, and then shooting himself in the leg with it.

I don't really have an opinion of the conviction itself, but TMZ's commentary made me want to put my fist through the wall. Things like "Well, he was carrying it where he shouldn't have been, it was a semi-automatic, not just a 'handgun' and it went off. It could have hurt someone beyond himself!"

I really don't need to lecture to the choir here about the pure stupidity of comments like this, but I'll do it anyway, because its cathartic. First off, Burris was carrying concealed without a permit, which while I'm not a huge fan of permits - its the law, and he broke it. Two, Firearms do not *just go off*. Guarenteed, he was fucking around with his firearm, which wasn't in a proper holster, had shitty trigger disipline and while drawing, or adjusting or whatever the hell he was doing, pulled the trigger. The result of such poor disipline is pretty much what he deserved. Am I glad no one else got hurt? Yes, but its idiots like that who give idiots in the media all the more ammunition to throw at the responsible gun crowd.

And it torques me off. There's a .45 caliber, semi-automatic handgun that spends its evenings 4 feet from my bedside, comfortably snugged in a holster, with a loaded mag and one in the chamber, and a spare mag at hand. Why? Because I own it, and if in the very *off* chance I might need it to defend myself - its no good to me sitting over the kitchen cabinet. The only time it goes back in its firearms case, is when I leave the house. Why? Because people not me have keys to my house to check up on things for me, and at least once, I've come back to find my firearm has been handled - and that leaves me a little uneasy.

However - in all of that - it has never once just 'gone off.' Nor, will it ever, unless I put my finger on the trigger and exert about 4 pounds of pressure.

It really is that simple.

And now I'm done preaching. I promise!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Still here.

I haven't written in a while, mainly because I haven't found the urge, or something that just made me sit up and say "hey, I should blog about that!"

Still going to Mordor every 4th week. It still sucks. How anyone can willingly live in that city is beyond me. (and yes, I have some friends in the area. But oy. Long term living there would annoy me.) I guess I'm too used to my 'small town city' Also, the Bears can keep Cutler. Really. Enjoy.

I broke down and upgraded my PC this week. Mobo, processor, more RAM, a new HDD... and Vista. Vista was bought because I found it for a hundred bucks with a free Windows 7 upgrade.

I really only want the Windows 7... but hey. A hundred bucks? For what feasably might be two OSs with seperate product keys? Yes please.

Politics still suck. Tea Party's rock. Hope and Change? No thanks.

My truck still runs. There's (some) money in the bank. There's a rifle almost 60% paid for down town, and I'm still employed. Guess I shouldn't complain too loud.

Else, I'm afraid I haven't got much to say.