Monday, November 2, 2009

Wait... its November already?

So, lots has happened since my last post.

I've been to Mordor and back twice (I think, I lose count). Wandered down south to Louisiana for a store install. Got to turn in my company credit card, and spent a comfortable month at home while we figured out how I was supposed to pay for all my travel if we no longer had a company credit card program (no, I didn't get it revoked for personal spending, they just canceled the whole program. Thanks Obama, I really love this economy)

Just spent lots of someone elses money in my account to travel back to Chi-town next week. Get to spend two weeks to make up for my week lost last month. Maybe I'll finally get around to taking in U-505 like Tam did.

Fargo is finally getting an indoor shooting range. The RRRMC (Red River Recrecational Marksmanship Center) should open in November. Joy! They're supposed to handle all pistol calibers and light rifle. (What light rifle means, is still up in the air - I'm hoping at least .223) I'm already signing up for my yearly membership.

Rifle is one payment from mine. December should be the month. But we'll see.

What else... I've watched the Bison lose most of the season, while the Bronco's won for most of the season so far. I guess I can take that.

I've pondered and then changed my mind about an imminent change of occupation. It probably would have been good - but I waffled a bit... and came away deciding I didn't want a friend as a boss.

Really not a bad thought that.

Otherwise, things keep chugging along.

And I best get back to it.


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