Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year...

So the year turned last night, for me, with a wimper rather then a bang. Which isn't to say this hasn't been a good new years. It has. I have a new job opportunity I'm waiting to hear about next week, I just bought a new truck yesterday (whoohoo!), and my Christmas haul included cash and ammo.

Ammo is good. Recoil therapy is a beautiful thing.

But I didn't party last night. I grabbed a bite to eat after work with a friend... then ate more later that evening with some family... then went home and did some laundry to ring in the new year.

Not exactly mindblowing.

But necessary. This year I'm hoping I get a change of job, which would complete a series of changes I've needed for a while, and hopefully push me on to a few more. The new Truck, a 2001 Ford Ranger, which only has 60,000 miles on it and looks like it was driven like it was made out of crystal glass for nine years is a huge improvement over my previous ride, 12 years newer and a hundred thousand miles younger, with almost no rust and great paint.

Oh, and four wheel drive. I am not longer one of two people who own a pickup but do not have four wheel drive in the state ;) Sorry Dad. *chuckle*

More importantly, I paid for it out of pocket... so its mine, free and clear.

Overall, this new year is looking up, and despite the fact that it is well and truely fragging cold outside... its looking to be a good day, and with luck, a good year.

Happy Holiday's folks, and may they find you surrounded by family and friends, with good things to look forward to, and most importantly - warm.


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