Friday, March 19, 2010

Water, Water everywhere....

Yep. Its spring. River be flooding again.

Expected to crest at 38 feet sometime sunday, its certainly less serious then last year, and this year we were far better prepared.

Since I haven't settled in and written here for a while I figured I'd see if I could do so this morning while I sit on my least favorite conference call. (Yes, I can multi-task, and yes it is that useless)

I think I mentioned it earlier in my blogging, but I'm lazying and not looking back - so - back in late december of last year I bought myself a new truck. 2001 Ford Ranger, which at the time had only 61000 miles on it. Red isn't normally a color I'd be after, but it was availible, and Rangers in my price range (this one exceeded my comfort zone slightly) are stupidly hard to find, so I pulled the trigger on the largest single purchase I have ever made...

And made the Ford Business office do a doubletake when I said - no, I would not need financing, and no, there would not be a lien on my truck.

That was horrendously fun. Since then my new Ranger and myself have made a trip to Mordor and back, wandered the Dakotas a bit, and helped move my grandmother into assisted living. Four Thousand miles later... I'm pretty dang happy with my purchase. I need to adjust the parking brake tension, as it has a tendancy to engage with the slightest bit of accidental pressure, and she needs an oil change - but beyond that, I have nothing but good things to say.

Outside of that, I'm trying to get *off* the contract my employers have me on, but as of yet, I haven't been very successful. I've been in Burnout since December, and they canceled my ski vacation on me when the contract client wouldn't approve the time off - so the sooner that goes away, the better.

Other then that, there's a new Dresden book a couple weeks out, and I've been chewing through the Honor Harrington series - which is mostly the fault of Tam and Tam's readers I think. Good stuff there for the most part.

Anyway - I haven't floated away, or been buried under the snow. I'm still here, still kicking.