Monday, May 31, 2010

A moment of inspiration

This weekend I spent a lot of time around family - my grandmother turned 98 on Friday and between Friday and Saturday a large amount of memorys were shared between folks. Overall it was a good time.

During the festivitys, someone mentioned that a certain country church up where I grew up is still there (which I probably knew, but hadn't really thought about in ages) and is kept up via donations and a couple of care givers that go out once or twice a month to take care of the lawn and cemetery.

And, in that moment my brain went 'Oh hey!! Problem solved!'

What problem you ask?

Well, thats easy. Ages ago I wrote a post about how I'd survive the zombie appocolypse. Which was somewhat tongue in cheek as a thought experiment, but also a primer for a TEOTWAWKI scenario, if one was looking for one (though it only really applied to *me*). Anyway, my largest problem, in a solo scenario was shelter. I had a couple options, be realistically they all sucked.

Now that small part of the problem might be solved, because that church is at most a mile from the farmyard I'd use in a solo scenario - has a well onsite (although probably not power - one problem at a time) and plenty of space, and a perfectly good furnace and kitchen (at least until the propane runs out.)

Is it perfect? Hell no, I may not be the most religious person on the face of the planet, but the idea of breaking into a church and occupying it isn't exactly my most comfortable thought - but... it'd be warmer then not doing it. And its a perfectly defensible location with at least 3 other nearby locations that may be usable as well...

Just one of those mental moments of clarity.

Now we'll see how I figure out how to solve the rest of the puzzle. ;)


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Gothelittle Rose said...

Zombies being undead, the use of a church may benefit you more than you know. :)

I don't know about other religions, by the way, but the Christian God would absolutely not object to anyone sheltering in a church. In fact, in other countries it happens on a regular basis, and even in the U.S., when a disaster happens, the churches are among the first to turn into little mini-encampments.

When I was part of a Bible quiz team, we used to travel all over New England for meets. Sometimes a variety of churchgoers would put us up in their homes, but more often we would sleep in the church building itself. (Girls and boys were segregated by floor.) So I personally have slept in a lot of churches and am quite comfortable with the notion.

Quick hint: If you and other people are sheltering in a church, try to reserve your spot in the nursery. You're more likely to find carpeted, padded floor, heat and/or A/C, and perhaps even an attached bathroom.