Wednesday, June 30, 2010

80s Cheese.... where men are men, and everything blows up like a Fuel Air Bomb...

So a few nights ago I needed a good laugh. I lost an uncle on my dad's side last week, and its been a rough six or seven days. We said our final goodbyes yesterday, but I'm sure the real weight won't hit for a while yet.

Anyway. I was flipping through the netflix insta-queue on my xbox and noted that Iron Eagle was on there. I haven't seen that movie in *years* but I remember watching it as a kid and thinking it was so cool.

I knew it was going to be cheese going in. But that didn't stop me. My dad's a pilot by trade, he's been flying since before I was born and is currently the Chief Pilot for a major energy company around here. Manages a team that flys around the bigwigs in a Cessna Encore and a Bravo (if I recall correctly) and my godfather used to restore P-51s and his kids are almost done restoring an F2G Super Corsair - so to say that I've been surrounded by aviation since I was a kid is an understatement.

And there are a LOT of parts of Iron Eagle that make anyone who knows a thing or two about airplanes cringe. Not to mention the reuse of some factory footage for some of the air to air combat (My favorite is that to dodge missles and cannon fire, apparently the most effective manuver is the wingover. Always to the left.)

I'm not going to get too deep into the plot, since if a highschool kid and a washed up airforce Colonel and the highschoolers friends tried it, they'd all end up serving jail time at Levenworth or dead in the desert somewhere Ronny Raygun (yes, they did call him that early on in the movie) being president or not... there is something to be said for a movie thats *FOR AMERICA* and when the .gov wouldn't stand up for an American, well damned if there weren't some Americans who'd do it for them. Why? Because cheesy as it is, it felt good to watch something that wasn't afraid to be proud to be an american, to believe that because you're an american you might *be* better. (I'm not saying we are. But come on, do we have to appologize for being who we are?)

And hey, those backwards towelheads fly airplanes that blow up like wooden models, and everything they have must have a giant oil tank under it so a few 30mm rounds from an F-16's chain gun can blow it up like the Fourth of July... even though I'm punching holes in the air in an aircraft loaded for war, my most effective weapon is my deadly cannon of doom!

It made me laugh when I desperately needed one. And Cheesy as it was, it at least got one thing right.

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