Monday, June 14, 2010


I've got a lot of personal projects on my plate (mostly because I keep putting them there.) Because I lack anything else to write about - and have too much time right now at work *not* to write - I'm writing a little blurb on all of them.

Rust Removal: Last winter I got a little snow into one of my toolboxes, but didn't notice. That spring, the snow melted (as expected) and the few of my tools that weren't stainless, started to rust, getting rusty water on a bunch of tools and staining them.

I started a couple weeks back, using my dremel knock off brush attachments to clean up these tools - until I burned through the brushes I had. Once I get new ones I'll get the suckers finished.

.22 Rifle Restoration: My dad has two .22s, one of which I've already cleaned up. The pump action he's bringing to me next he painted as a kid with silver paint on the metal, and black on the stock and forgrip. If I recall correctly the stock and forgrip are wood, so I'm going to take a look at that - and if they are, sand them down and probably re-stain them - then see about getting the metal bead blasted and maybe blued.

Bail Out Box and Bag: I had an idea recently to put together a Bail Out Box (and a bag) using an old pickup tool box I have access to. It would slide into the back of my current pickup nicely - probably right under the roll tarp (I need to test that) and would make for a nice semi secure enclosure to keep a somewhat larger gear prep then a standard bag. I might write a post on the contents I have in mind, when the time comes.

Sell Old Pickup: Since I bought my Ford, my S10 has just been sitting in the garage, I've been intending to sell it, but its been one slowdown after another. I need to finish the little projects on it so I can get that sold and out of my life.

Thats pretty much it. There's technically more - but those are the big things on the top of my list.

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