Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...overheard in the Cubes...

(Most of these gems are the same guy)

"You know your computers? They aren't really computers - they're different."

"When your ISP (In Store Processor, not Internet service Provider) gets up in the morning, it checks with your POS (Point of Sale) to see what language they're speaking today."

"I'm a former Marine, when I say something's fixed, its damned well fixed." (I thought it was once a marine, always a marine myself...)

"Your POS is speaking in Japanese and your ISP is speaking in Chinese. They don't understand eachother, we have to make them understand eachother."

"Your system didn't open for today because there was too much data clogging up the switch, rebooting it emptied it out."

"I think explosives are the only hope..." (Tech thinks he's on mute, but isn not.) "Uh... no ma'am, I didn't mean that. I'm *sure* we can fix your problem."

"Your registers aren't really computers like you have in your house. They're different. You shouldn't think of them like computers. Think of them as something else." (I'm not exactly sure what else we should think of them as... myself.)

"Its Flawless." (What's flawless? The software we support? *snort* None of us would have jobs if that was true)

Just a few jems from the morning. Our new seating arrangment puts a tech in hearing distance that I could write the techie version of "Shit my Dad Says" with.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, there's a little Change for you.

As anyone who reads these words I occasionally throw up on my little corner of the internet is probably aware - I'm a conservative. Libertarian with a small l, perhaps. I like small government, low taxes - and generally to be left alone with my guns and whatever religion I happen to believe in.

This is an ideal that I've never personally witnessed. I've seen shadows of it - and proof it can work. But I've never lived there. I sure would like to someday. The GOP just rolled the House and took away the super majority in the Senate on the auspices that people did *not* like the Hope and Change coming out of Washington. Look, I could wax on for hours about why that is. Other people have said it already.

I could also tell the GOP they need to get their head out of their ass, and actually practice what some of them preached to get elected. Its been done before, in other places.

So instead, I'm going to say this. Representative Earl Pomeroy? You've been handed your traveling papers. It's pretty clear that you haven't really given a damn about this state for a good chunk of my life and you should have been hauled out on your ass years before I could vote. But thats ok, because its been done now, and you can thank Obamacare for it - because lets be honest here - you didn't read it, but you knew what was in it, and the rest of us who did read it hate it. Your crony Dorgan got the hell *out* of Politics when he saw the writing on the wall, and your other Crony Conrad's next. So enjoy your new free life living on the east coast without having to pretend you're actually from here anymore.

We won't miss ya. And you won't miss us. If there was any justice in the world, we'd get rid of the pension plans you folks enjoy.

But I'll settle for this - for now.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Stupid work...

It would figure that the first morning of NaNo availible writing would be the freaking busiest day I've had at work in 3 years. But thats alright, even having missed the first couple hours, I'll get some sleep, then knock out some serious writing this afternoon after I get up.

Still - annoying.

Story's coming together nicely in my head. I've got most of the tech all laid out, so I know how it works, its roughly congruent with where science figures current tech will be in that timeframe... and I've got a good political backstory to set up the whole race to mars.

Now, its time to let the drama flow :)

Soon. Bed first.