Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 02 - A book you wish more people had read

You know, thats a good question. What book have I read that I wish more people had read makes me think I should have something profound to say here. I really don't. I mean, there are books I wish people had read so I could *discuss* it with them, or so they could see what I so enjoyed about them, but enjoyment is a profoundly personal thing.

But, I guess instead of a book, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the complete works of Mark Twain. The man wrote Satire, and he wrote Satire for a specific time period, but a lot of his work can still be applied to today. And I wish more people could sit down, read and then *think* about what he had to say.

I had an English class during one of my aborted attempts at a college degree that was at Oh My God its too early, but it was on satire, and our professor tried gamely to get us to DISCUSS Mark Twain. We were using original text - not anything PCed up as has been heard about lately in the news, and it was pretty clear that A: It was too early in the morning for most people, and B: a lot of people don't understand the idea of Satire.

Which is really too bad. But it is something I wish more people had read and understood. I don't pretend to be amazingly good at such things - or able to squeeze more meaning out of a written word then anyone else... but maybe if we took a moment to look at the follys of the past, we'd recognize the follys of the present for what they are.

Or maybe not.

But it couldn't hurt to try.


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