Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Open Letter to my local radio station of choice...

...Please understand, I'm all for free speech.

But would you idiots (and so far, you idiots encompasses the morning radio showsof one radio station around here - its the only one I listen to, and its about to go away.) please refrain from commenting about shit you know nothing about?

Look, I know the whole thing in Arizona makes everyone want to open your mouth.

But yesterday my go to station kicked off by disparaging the Second Amendment

Today, three of you were railing about how owning a pistol on said station (or any firearm) and getting a CCW permit is a bad idea because it requires 'too much responsiblity' and 'you probably couldn't do any good anyway.'

You sheep.

You bleeding sheep.

I wish there *had* been a CCW permit holder in that crowd, although I salute the people who tackled that lunatic.

I'd offer to take you all to the range so you could learn a thing or two, but that would cost me a *lot* of money, and I'm not sure any of you are worth my time.

I think its time to put the iPod back in the truck.

That is all.


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