Thursday, March 31, 2011

From the Cube to a Firing Range

Well, I'm not really changing vocations (sure would be fun though) but I have decided to get involved in the local range, or the RRRMC (Red River Regional Marksmanship Center) which is by far the nicest range in ND, as long as you want to shoot pistol caliber ammo anyway.

Completely volunteer operated they are non-profit, and after a first year of struggling in some respects have really done an excellent job of expanding their hours, offerings and making their membership system far more sensible (something they wanted to do from day one, but couldn't because of the Non-Profit title they filed under. That is currently being revised.

Today before work I went to their front desk seminar since I'm scheduled to work this weekend (they're putting on a Fun Show this weekend too, double bonus) at the front desk. I've also signed up to do RSO duties, but they only hold the certification classes so often, but this is a good start. Shifts are 2 hour blocks so its not like its crazy amounts of time, if I don't want it to be - and I'm getting involved in something and out of the house.

So I'm really looking forward to it. Sometime in April (hopefully the first week) I'm gonna pick up a 10/22 Ruger so I have something nice and cheap to shoot, which should get me out to the range more often, and tightening up, and maintaining my skills.

A little farther out I'd like to pick up a .22 Pistol as well. I'm still debating between a semi-auto and a revolver. Since my primary arm in pistols is a semi - from a function standpoint and trainer a semi-auto makes a little more sense.

But the whole point is to get out and shoot more, for less money.

Anyway, thats all I got for tonight.


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