Monday, March 14, 2011

A little Catch-Up

So its been a while. Went skiing, vacationed, budgeted, threw up some sheetrock in my Dad's basement, started some serious work on my little personal stockpile of stuff, and contacted a gunsmith.

In reverse order, after much poking around and questioning, there's no one in ND (apparently) that falls under the proper heading of 'gunsmith' so I found one in MN. Gonna ship my dad's .22 out to them round about friday to get that particular project moving forward. Stripped, blued and new furniture. Cost more then a new 10/22 but I'm not doing it just to get a functional .22 I'm doing it to try to preserve one of my dad's memories.

I figure its worth it.

Bought some packets of Mountain Home freeze dried food to try out before I lay in a few 10# cans for longterm storage. Really impressed, I didn't expect to enjoy any of it and out of the five main dish varieties, and 4 side dish varieties I tried out, only the Mac and Cheese would be something I just won't be buying again. Brigid made mention of the stuff a little before I made my order, and I agree with her, its a little spendy, but its supposed to last this side of thiry years, and it tastes good with decent nutritional values.

Also made the first of my rotating orders of bullets to suppliment my beans this month. I highly recommend as a result. Excellent website, only sells whats onhand, and fast delivery.

So far, so good.

Dad's been working on finishing his basement now for about a year. Speed is not his goal, its just his project that gets done when he has time, which seems to work for him. To help pay for my portion of the ski trip we took this year I've been going home to help put up sheetrock. Its a pain, but its good to see his project getting close to completion.

Skiing. As usual we went out to Jackson Hole and it was a good time. I needed the break but I didn't enjoy the slopes as much as I have in the past. Probably a combination of being horribly out of shape, and not quite wanting that particular bit to be my big vacation for the year. Has spurred me to get back into an exercise routine, but I think next year I'm gonna come up with something *I* want to do.

Going forward there's an Appleseed shoot up in Rolla ND that I'd like to go to this July. Gonna see if I can talk B into coming with. Probably gonna need to pick up a 10/22 before hand. Cheaper ammo, work the fundamentals the first day, work the known distance the second. If I enjoy it I might try to go to a Bootcamp next year.

Week of shooting, close to a thousand rounds required. Sounds like a blast.

Not much else going on at this point. T's off in the Sandbox now, departed after mobbing up about a week ago. Working on a BattleTech campaign we're gonna play via email to pass the time a bit. He's got a WH40k campaign for me to work on. Should help keep us both busy with the downtime.

It sucks when a third of your friends suddenly disappears for a year.

Might say something about my need to expand my friend base. Not sure. ;)

Welp, thats it for tonight, I should get some work done.



Gothelittle Rose said...

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

"Threw up some sheetrock? Sounds painful!"


Good to see you sort of again, been a while since I've been able to say hi.

Dash McBragg said...

Ah yes. My "mountainy sandbox" of a home... only a few hundred more nights and a wake-up. ;)