Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flying with the Angels now.

Yesterday the Aviation world lost something special.

Bob Odegaard died doing what he loved, flying. He was practicing for an airshow in Valley City North Dakota in a blue F2G Super Corsair that he and his son's had restored the previous year when either pilot error or mechanical failure caused the big former fighter/race plane to strike the ground at catastrophic speed.

To the best of my knowledge, Bob died on impact.

He is survived by his two sons a daughter and his wife. They have been my friends since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper and my heart goes out to them.

You fly with the angels Bob, to the sound of big round engines and Merlin V12s

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well, after seven years with my previous employer I've moved on to a new pasture, and a new job. I'm still in Tech Support with more of a focus on Enterprise IT, and Project management. The hours are normal people hours so I've had to contend with the evil daystar quite a bit more - and I'm a *salaried* employee. And I even get *Holidays*.

The shocks to the system are constant. To really ramp up the 'change' depeartment I've started going to the Local Family Wellness Center, which was build by the Y and Sanford Health (I work for Sanford Health, and get a discount) and I've started minimally swimming laps for 30ish minutes every morning.

Which, leads to a pretty solid full body ache. This week, a friend is going to join me, and we'll probably start lifting every morning as well... which will *really* start the ache.

Its been a pretty big shift. But a good one. Change isn't always necessarily good, but this one *is* and its long over due.

More later!