Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well, after seven years with my previous employer I've moved on to a new pasture, and a new job. I'm still in Tech Support with more of a focus on Enterprise IT, and Project management. The hours are normal people hours so I've had to contend with the evil daystar quite a bit more - and I'm a *salaried* employee. And I even get *Holidays*.

The shocks to the system are constant. To really ramp up the 'change' depeartment I've started going to the Local Family Wellness Center, which was build by the Y and Sanford Health (I work for Sanford Health, and get a discount) and I've started minimally swimming laps for 30ish minutes every morning.

Which, leads to a pretty solid full body ache. This week, a friend is going to join me, and we'll probably start lifting every morning as well... which will *really* start the ache.

Its been a pretty big shift. But a good one. Change isn't always necessarily good, but this one *is* and its long over due.

More later!

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